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Essential Options products are “ready-to-use,”

which means they’ve been blended in an effective,
synergistic way with other essential oils
for a specific purpose, and
they’ve been diluted with a rich, organic carrier oil.

Why do we dilute essential oils with a carrier oil?

Sometimes it’s necessary to dilute a neat oil. Essential oils are extremely concentrated. Using too much may not aid effectiveness and it can cause skin irritations. Carrier oils lubricate the skin during massage and increase the absorption of the essential oils. Because they do not evaporate like essential oils, carrier oils help the healing properties of essential oils last longer after being applied to the skin until they can be absorbed.

Why does Essential Options offer a more standard pricing on it’s oil blends?

Essential oils are extremely varied in price. The cost depends on country of origin, growing practices, weather during the growing season, availability, shipping, etc. Since we blend several oils, which have several different price points, we try to maintain a similar cost for the customer, which means we absorb the difference in our profit margin. On rare occasions when a stronger blend is needed (higher essential oil content and/or more rare, expensive oils) we have increased the cost.

Are all the ingredients used in Essential Options’ blends certified organic?

We seek to provide 100% certified organic oils.  On rare occasions we may use non-certified organic, as in cases where the country of origin does not have a certifying process, or pure, non-organic at times when we could not get the organic product. Even then we will choose the highest quality therapeutic-grade essentials oils. Our salts are not certified organic since the USDA classifies salt as a mineral and not a living thing. They are, however, all natural. The only oils that are not organic (still highest quality, therapeutic-grade) are the Bergamot and Clary-Sage, which will be exchanged for organic the next time they are ordered.


What products does Essential Options carry? 

~Ready-to-Use Essential Oil Blends

~Ready-to-Use Celtic Sea Salt Baths

~Ready-to-Use Salt Scents

~Custom Essential Oil Blends, Celtic Sea Salt Baths and Salt Scents (Inquire on the Contact Form)

~Holistic Life Mentoring Sessions (Inquire on the Contact Form): Nutrition, Breathing, Water, Alternative Medicine (emphasis on essential oils and preventative medicine), and Spiritual Health.


Some of our Blends:

• Face oil – Moisturizes and helps minimize signs of aging such as wrinkles, lines and age spots.

Allergy Defense (respiratory)
• Oil/Salt Scent – Helps with symptoms that accompany allergies.

• Oil – Helps speed the body’s natural healing process.

Cold/Flu Armor
• Oil/Salt Scent – Helps clear sinuses & stuffy head, fights germs that accompany colds & flu.

Girl Power
• Oil/Salt Scent/Celtic Bath Salt – Helps deal with a variety of feminine complaints, including PMS, vaginal infections & irritations.

• Oil/Salt Scent/Celtic Bath Salt – Helps relaxation & focus.

Mental Focus
• Oil/Salt Scent/Celtic Bath Salt – Helps clear the head when fuzzy, sleepy or distracted. Helps focus during study, testing or other need for special focus.

• Oil/Celtic Bath Salt – Helps relax tired, tight, or sore muscles with a bath or massage.

Robber’s Bounty (for Immunity)
• Oil/Salt Scent/Celtic Bath Salt – Helps boost immunity. Based on a legend of several thieves during the Black Plague who covered themselves in certain herbs, vinegar and oils to protect them from the plague while they robbed dead bodies.

• Oil/Salt Scent/Celtic Bath Salt – Helps falling asleep, staying asleep, and getting better rest during sleep.

Tummy Time
• Oil/Salt Scent/Celtic Salt Bath – Helps ease the discomfort of indigestion. (For babies with colic, use fewer drops).


Essential Options

Essential oil blends that enhance your body’s
ability to heal itself and maintain wellness.​