Oils for Detox

Spring is such a natural time to think about a cleanse. The beginning of new life is everywhere in the plant world. New life shoots up-slow motion style-from underneath last year’s dead leaves and grass.

Those of us who live in cold climates are finally able to emerge from our winter shelters. We get reacquainted with neighbors, shed the outer layer of our wraps and sit in the sun just to feel its warmth against our skin. We’ve been cooped up, trying to stay warm and probably haven’t had much exercise either.

What we need is a good stretch, some physical action to shake up our lymph glands and get them flowing. Anything that aids our body in its task of discarding unwanted toxins is welcome.

A few drops of Essential Options’ Detox-Aid in a bath opens the skin’s pores and carries toxins out. Carrot Seed oil purifies, cleanses liver and expels parasites.  Grapefruit oil is cleansing and detoxifying. Rosemary oil improves circulations and opens nasal passages as well as pores. Vetiver oil helps regenerate new cells as well as fighting toxins. All these make up the E.O blend Detox-Aid. It’s a great addition to a cleansing diet and exercise plan. Try it this month for less (Use DETOX for the code to receive a $3 discount) HTTP://MKT.COM/ESSENTIAL-OPTIONS


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