Family “Medicine” Cabinet

As we raised our three boys, we had a medicine cabinet full of essential oils and herbs. They were more effective than any over-the-counter medicines we ventured to try and often better than prescription drugs suggested by a doctor. I confess I don’t have much experience with doctors and prescription medicines, but our experience proved that natural methods are usually more effective. Side effects are not a problem with essential oils either.

Tea Tree oil was a staple for cleaning wounds as well as the house.

Sandalwood to relax sore muscles.

We kept Lavender in the kitchen in case of burns.

Eucalyptus for respiratory problems.

Well, you can see there’s an oil for nearly everything. And I’ve learned that blending several essential oils which have similar healing properties is even more effective than using single oils.

Sept Special, set of 5 oils
Here are my recommendations for the general family medicine cabinet from the Essential Options oil blends:

*Allergy Defense (respiratory)

*Allergy Defense (skin irritation)

*Cold/Flu Armor


*Robber’s Bounty (a general immunity booster)

*Tummy Time

*Wound Care

Find them here:


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