The Rainbow Diet

One simple trick I learned to help me eat right is to eat foods from the different colors of the rainbow. We know white foods, such as flour and sugar, are empty calories, lacking nutrients. The opposite is also true. Foods with color contain plenty of the vitamins and nutrients our bodies need. If we eat plenty of deep green leafy veggies, we get calcium, vitamin C, iron and much more. Eating red foods can offer vitamin C, capsaicin, and others. Yellow foods, like squash, have a generous supply of vitamin A along with many of the other nutrients we need. 

These are just a few examples of how choosing our diet by color can help boost nutrition. It also offers a pleasing meal for our eyes.

An easy weeknight meal for us is Quinoa (cooked in vegetable broth), Greens (steamed in a large frying pan with canned tomatoes and chopped garlic) and a baked squash such as Spaghetti or Butternut.


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