Take a Deep Breath!

Today’s Holistic Living Tip: Take a deep Breath!

Deep Breathing Girl

Used by Permission – http://www.Dreamstime.com

Deep breathing sends oxygen into the bloodstream. It stimulates circulation of the blood, which is key to good health.

Deep Breathing doesn’t mean taking in more air, but pulling that air down into the lower part of the lungs. It feels as if you’re breathing into your abdomen. If you fill the lower part of the lungs first, you can continue to fill the upper part as well. But if you fill the upper part of the lungs first, air will not reach the lower part.

As adults, we often don’t even use this portion of our lungs. Children breathe this way naturally, but as we age, tension and bad habits take over. For true relaxation we should practice deep breathing.

Release any tension. Imagine your muscles relaxing. You may want to close your eyes. Exhale completely. Slowly inhale through the nose while focusing your thoughts on pushing the air low into your abdomen. Continue to fill the lungs. Hold the air in for a few seconds. Release the breath through your mouth slowly.

Try to take at least five minutes during the day to practice this. You may want to try it a few times throughout the day, whenever you feel stress or tension, for example.


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